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Medical Alert Systems • Medical Alert Devices

A medical alert system is vital for more than just medical emergencies. Medical alert devices are ideal for kids home alone, seniors or anyone else who may need to easily summon help in a hurry. When your alarm is activated, a central station monitoring operator can talk directly with you to get more information about what help you need and provide reassurance and information until the proper authorities arrive — even if you can't reach the phone.

System Console Options

Gray Security Services offers the Visonic Amber® line of personal emergency response systems. Three great options allow you to customize your system to meet your needs and budget.

Visonic AmberBasic base unit

Visonic Amber®Basic is a simple, affordable and reliable medical alert system, featuring:

Visonic AmberClassic base unit

Visonic Amber®Classic is a flexible medical alert solution that provides an array of home and personal safety alarms. AmberClassic offers all the features of AmberBasic, plus:

Visonic AmberSelect base unit

Visonic Amber®Select provides the ultimate lifestyle support solution in a sleek, comprehensive and full featured system. AmberSelect includes the features of AmberClassic, plus:

Medical Alert Devices

Visonic pendant transmitter and wristband transmitter options

What if you fall or find yourself trapped where you can't reach the central control panel or a telephone?

You're protected no matter where you are in your home with your choice of discreet portable pendant-style or wristband medical alert devices, allowing you to activate the system from anywhere in your home.

Each Amber system will support multiple devices. You can switch between a pendant and wristband style to compliment your wardrobe that day, or use a pendant style during the day and switch to wristband style at night. If you have multiple family members at home, you can give each individual their own medical alert device. Whatever your needs and preferences, we'll help you customize your system to suit your situation.

Call Gray Security Services at 919-832-2748 or email us today to learn more about your options for medical alert systems, and how a medical alert system will help you protect your loved ones or preserve your own independence.