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Unsuspecting homeowners are sometimes lured with promises of low-cost or even free installation of a home security alarm system, in return for signing a long-term contract for central station monitoring. All too often, by the time they discover problems with the alarm or monitoring system, it's too late.

Do you really want to trust the safety of your loved ones and the security of your home to the lowest bidder?

Gray Security Services has been offering professional installation, maintenance of home security alarm systems to discerning North Carolina homeowners since 1979. We carry two basic types of home security systems:

For added safety, our systems can be configured with central station alarm monitoring — including a medical alert system or two-way voice communications — with no long-term contract required. If you need high-security Medeco locks, a home fire alarm system, residential CCTV monitoring or any other options, call us. Whatever your requirements, we've got the experience to design and install a system perfect for you.

Don't leave your family and home or vacation property unprotected! Call Gray Security Services at 919-832-2748 or email us today for more information or to arrange installation of a custom home security alarm system.